What Have We Done For You Lately?

Raised funds for banking-friendly candidates

  • In 2015, TBA BankPAC raised $407,806 in state and federal BankPAC funds to help elect candidates. 
  • As a banker, your business and operations depend on decisions made by elected officials. TBA BankPAC allows the industry to speak to our elected officials as one industry, with one vision and one voice.

Represented the Texas banking industry

  • TBA is an inclusive organization. We represent banks of all sizes and geographical locations, from the smallest bank in Texas to the largest Texas-chartered bank.
  • The median asset size of our member banks is $173 million.

Offered compliance advice

  • Assisted banks with a wide range of regulatory & compliance issues through a variety of products & services.
  • Answered more than 36,000 questions last year via the Compliance Alliance Hotline.&
  • Facilitated monthly training events and peer group forums for Compliance Alliance members.
  • Performed compliance reviews of more than 1,500 bank documents for Compliance Alliance members.
  • Provided more than 1,000 compliance tools and resources to Compliance Alliance members.
  • Expanded Compliance Alliance's footprint to include more than 470 banks in 38 states.

Kept you informed of banking-related issues

  • Published news, features and banker profiles in Texas Banking, TBA’s monthly magazine.
  • Sent CEO Reports on breaking news and critical information.
  • Provided Texas Banking Weekly, an e-newsletter about TBA events, activities and the banking industry.
  • Revamped texasbankers.com, complete with a Grassroots Action Center, online registration, free Job Bank, “My TBA” and much more.
  • Served as a resource to the news media on banking-related matters.
  • Drew attention to legislation with weekly Legislative Update emails.

Provided a one-stop training source

  • Reached over 12,000 banking and trust professionals in 2015 through more than 150 seminars and webinars, 10 specialized conferences and 10 banking and trust schools. 
  • Added a Technology Forum to the current offerings of CEO, Senior Lender and CFO Facilitated Peer Group meetings.
  • Launched a new Account Documentation manual available both as an online subscription and hard copy manual.
  • Promoted a new salary survey offered free to those banks completing the survey in the spring.
  • Co-hosted with IBAT the Federal Reserve Bank's BOLT (Banking on the Leaders of Tomorrow).
  • Graduated Class VIII of TBA's Management Development Program,designed to prepare your bank's future leaders. Class VIX starts in February 2016.
  • Enhanced targeted marketing by allowing members to set their own preferences.
  • Reduced printed brochure mailings by eliminating individual webinar brochures in lieu of a monthly calendar.

Services to help you grow and compete​

  • Connected banks with providers of high-quality products and services through the TBA Services Company.
  • Provided new insurance options and risk management expertise through the Texas Bankers Insurance Agency.

Provided crime-fighting tools

  • Actively participated in the USSS North Texas Electronic Crimes Task Force and the FBI InfraGard program to aide members in fighting Cyber crimes.
  • Helped deter check fraud through the Thumbprint Signature Program.
  • Provided Robbery Rewards for banks that were victims of robberies.
  • Offered banks the opportunity to sponsor the Senior Crime Stoppers Program in local nursing homes, while achieving guaranteed investment and/or lending credit under the Community Reinvestment Act.