Industry Facts & Figures

Did You Know?

  • There are 6,487 FDIC-insured institutions in the U.S. Two years ago, there were 7,181. This is almost a 10% decline in just two years. In fact, this is the fewest number of banks in the U.S. since the feds began keeping track in 1934.
  • As of Feb. 20, 2015, there are 516 FDIC-insured institutions in Texas, 456 of which are members of the Texas Bankers Association; 294 of these are state-chartered commercial banks and thrifts, with more than 6,800 bank locations in the state.
  • The FDIC reports that there are more than $719 billion in deposits in Texas banks. TBA membership represents approximately 95% of those deposits.
  • Banks in Texas employ more than 150,000 Texans and serve as the economic engines in each of the communities in which they are found.
  • Currently, U.S. banks hold $15.4 trillion in assets and $1.7 trillion of capital to support all banking activities, making the U.S. banking system the most financially sound in the world.