Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund


The meeting of the Executive Committees of TBA and IBAT will be held on Oct. 4. Once the committees have made their decision on how the funds will be distributed, everyone who applied for Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund assistance will be notified. We hope to send checks out by the third week of October; they will be sent to the bank’s management for distribution to the recipients.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the communities affected by the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. We have been in touch with our members in affected communities, but know that it will take some time, particularly in heavily flooded areas, to properly assess the extent of the damage.

Bankers from throughout the state and the nation have been asking what they can do to help. We know it will take a significant amount of money to help the residents and communities recover from the extensive damage. As a result, TBA and IBAT, as well as our partners on the right, have established a fund to help the families impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

We have established the Hurricane Harvey Relief fund through the Texas Bankers Foundation. Donations can be made by credit card or check via the links below. We will absorb all credit processing fees so that 100 percent of every dollar collected will go directly to the relief effort.  

The Texas Bankers Foundation is a 501(c)(3). All corporate and personal contributions are tax deductible.

The Executive Committees of both TBA and IBAT will meet to determine how and to which organizations the funds will be disbursed.


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