Chairman's Forum

Rusty Rust

Rusty Rust
TBA Chairman

Bankers’ resilience and commitment to the future on full display

I used my role as TBA Chairman to launch some pretty impressive programs and services that will keep Texas bankers at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape.

Annual Convention provides opportunity for Texas bankers

August marks an important juncture for all of us. No one needs reminding of what governments from every corner of the world asked its citizens to do: to literally make time stand still.

Bankers resilience shines in post-pandemic phase

Bankers have proven to be a resilient bunch historically and this phase in a post-pandemic world is just the next challenge.

What a difference a year makes

New TBA Chairman Rusty Rust talks about continuing much of the work former TBA Chairman Chip Jenkins initiated in addition to focusing on a few new priorities.

Looking back at an unforgettable year

As TBA Chairman Chip Jenkins' term comes to an end, he reflects on all of TBA's accomplishments over the past year -- despite the many challenges the industry has faced.

The virtual chairman

Although our nation is making great strides in defeating the coronavirus, I’m afraid I will be ending my term as Chairman in the same way in which I began it. Yes, virtually.

Now more than ever, Bankers Alliance is here to support

Launched in 2011, Compliance Alliance quickly established itself as the go-to compliance resource for Texas banks.

Understanding the endorsement process

This month, I am going to focus on a subsidiary of TBA that is very near and dear to my heart: the TBA Services Company Inc.

Staying in touch with our elected officials

Because of the pandemic, 2021 is not going to be like traditional legislative years. Even though the session will look and feel different, we still have work to do on behalf of our industry.

TBA establishes ATM Smash and Grab Task Force

The ATM smash and grab crime is particularly active in Texas, where a heat map put together by TBA staff revealed at least 139 incidents in our state, primarily in the eastern, central and northern areas of the state.

Give the gift that keeps on giving

Each fall, the Texas Bankers Foundation holds an annual fundraising campaign, reaching out to TBA members to request your philanthropic support for Texas banks, their employees and the com-munities they serve.

GOVT: What does it mean and why is it everywhere these days?

For the first time this election cycle, TBA has adopted a political plan to amplify not only our political giving, but also our grassroots activity.

Diversity and inclusion within our industry

TBA has been a longtime supporter of opportunities to attract and retain banking talent on behalf of our member banks, with a proactive stance towards diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Texas banks shine as the hearts of their communities

We all know that well beyond PPP, our peers and colleagues play a vital role in supporting our communities in a number of ways — year-round, every year. This year is no different.

Adapting to the changing world

TBA, like our banks, was affected by the pandemic. TBA staff have worked from home since mid-March, and TBA leadership has been forced to adapt to restrictions brought about by the quarantine.

These are extraordinary times!

This month, I’m going to discuss some of the extraordinary efforts your association has taken during this pandemic to help its members, the industry, Texas communities and small businesses.

Community bankers: The unsung heroes of 2020

Bankers have played a critical role over the past few months and will continue to play a vital role as our economy recovers.

Banking in the age of a confluence of events

While the U.S. economy began the year with positive statistics to include low unemployment, steady job growth, a thriving stock market and strong housing market — it didn’t take long before it all took a sharp U-turn.

Let's amplify our voices through TBA BankPac

For Texas bankers, TBA BankPac is the most effective way to support candidates. By pooling our financial resources bankers can amplify our voices and give candidates more meaningful political contributions than we can give individually.

Join me in D.C. for our annual Washington Summit

Each spring, the Texas Bankers Association hosts more than 100 Texas bankers from all across Texas where we join our counterparts from all over the nation at ABA’s Washington Summit.

Give the gift that keeps on giving

Many of our Texas banks, bankers and communities have benefitted over the years from the Foundation’s programs. I’ve seen what it means to a 50-Year Banker to be honored for his or her well-deserved career or for Emerging Leaders to be acknowledged f

TBA bridges the gap

While TBA already invites regulators to speak at conferences, the Annual Convention and other educational events, we can do better in terms of frequency and depth of coverage through regular dialogue with the regulators followed by informational upda

Building for the future

At our September TBA Board of Directors meeting, the board approved a design concept and funding for the new building on TBA???s property in Austin in accordance with last fall???s membership vote and our bylaws.

The unlimited power of FASB

The Financial Accounting Standards Board, or FASB, is an obscure, low-profile organization without congressional oversight that has become a very real threat to the banking industry.