Message from the President

Chris Furlow

Chris Furlow
TBA President & CEO

Regulatory vigilance for neo-banks

In the second quarter of this year, Varo raised $62 million while losing $104 million. Don’t take my word for it, look at Varo’s filings.

Blurring the lines

It is hard to be online or watch television today without encountering ads for a technology app that purports to meet all of a customer’s “banking” needs.

It’s great to see you!

Summertime is TBA Texas Tour time and it is great to be back out on the road. Warm smiles, hearty handshakes and hugs have replaced the canceled events and confinements of masks and Zoom calls that were hallmarks of 2020 and COVID-19.

The PPP hangover

PPP hangover and headaches for banks could last for months – or possibly years – ahead unless reasonable regulatory remedies can be applied.

May issue dedicated to Olivia Carmichael Solis

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the Texas Bankers Association, we proudly dedicate this May 2021 issue of Texas Banking to our dear friend and colleague Olivia Carmichael Solis.

'Special session'

The pandemic has changed the way Austin and our lawmakers conduct business. It is historic.

Weather at its worst, bankers at their best

As we go to print for the March edition of Texas Banking, it is the end of an icy February week that brought our state its worst winter weather event in decades.

Holding the line

Banks have led as economic first responders during the pandemic, even as some government partners changed the rules of the Paycheck Protection Program and other relief efforts.

A new year brings new opportunities

The dawn of 2021 provides the opportunity to turn the page and to have fresh perspective.

A light in the dark

With the challenges and change that 2020 threw at the banking industry, one thing we can say about the year is that it gave Texas bankers the opportunity to shine.

God bless the Texas banker

You will also find no better witness to the nobility of character than Texas community bankers during this challenging year — from working tirelessly to save jobs and small businesses to contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed neighbors

Who is out to compromise your vote?

With Cybersecurity Month upon us and the Nov. 3 elections just days away, our thoughts turn to the implications of possible cyber-sourced election disruption.

Giving credit where credit is due

This year the COVID-19 pandemic presents a rare opportunity to reset the discussion in the bank versus credit union debate and provide long-straddling elected officials and candidates with new facts.

Needing forgiveness

The ease — or difficulty — of the PPP forgiveness process will ultimately define the success or failure of the program for both PPP small business borrowers and lenders.

A matter of trust

“In God We Trust. All Others Pay Cash.” The first thought that ran through my mind was that banks should have posted this message for the government at the launch of the PPP.

Government programs by oxymoron

“Interim Final Rule.” Interim and final? Only the government could come up with something so bureaucratic and official yet “oxymoronic.”

Texas banks & PPP: A monumental labor of love

As of April 16, Texas banks led the way, making more than 134,737 approved loans — the highest number among the 50 states. The amount of approved loans totaled more than $28 billion.

Heart and soul

When ATMs emerged in the 1960s and '70s, some futurists saw it as the beginning of the end of community banking. It clearly wasn't. Today, we see many actors challenging community banks using technology.

Longhorn, shorthorn, cotton, wheat!

In April, the Texas Bankers Association proudly celebrates the 100th anniversary of its Agriculture Conference.

Auld Lang Syne

There were many accomplishments in 2019. But as we look back, we recall that 2019 was bittersweet as TBA mourned the loss of two industry giants this fall.

Election 2020 one year out: Forecasting the future

There are factors beyond the control of community bankers that dictate the condition of the U.S. and global economies. The status of the yield curve is certainly important, but there are other critical questions to ask.

Ike and cybersecurity leadership

When most people think about cybersecurity, they think about technology. But the human element remains the most significant challenge we face when it comes to cyber vulnerabilities.

'Let It Be?'

When you speak with Texas community bankers, especially those closest to the border, BSA/AML issues are frequently atop the list of concerns. A particular sticking point is the Currency Transaction Report threshold of $10,000.

To make the best better

The Texas Bankers Foundation has launched a new initiative that recognizes our association???s passion for financial literacy, education and a healthy agriculture community in Texas.