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John Heasley

John Heasley
TBA General Counsel

Celeste Embrey

Celeste Embrey
SVP of Government Relations and Deputy General Counsel

Will Washington turn banks into agents for the IRS?

To pay for the infrastructure bill, Biden is proposing increases in corporate taxes, income taxes and taxes on capital gains.

Will Biden become the new FDR? And what are the risks for inflation?

Six months into his administration, Biden has veered toward the hard left and is getting accolades from the same progressives who were skeptical of his leadership.

87th Legislative Session proving pundits wrong again

Conventional wisdom and the pundits predicted that the 87th Regular Session would be a low bill session. With more than 7,001 bills filed to date, the pundits have been proven wrong.

Biden tasks regulators with taking on climate change

In addition to dealing with the pandemic, President Biden has two other policy goals he campaigned on: the need for greater diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of American life and the fight against climate change.

Economic and regulatory issues in the coming months

President Biden, federal agencies and Congressional allies will propose a number of challenges to Texas banking.

What happens now that Democrats took the Senate?

With Democrats running the executive branch and both houses of Congress, the momentum is with the progressive left. New Yorker Chuck Schumer will be the new Senate Majority Leader and Democrats will chair all committees.

CFPB starts process on fair lending for small business loans

Just when we thought we had survived the worst of the Dodd-Frank Act, the CFPB has released an outline of various proposals to create a HMDA-like regime for small business lending.

When a blue wave hits a red wall

From the perspective of community bankers, gridlock is a good thing. The unknown is how far left the federal banking agencies will go but I anticipate that many actions will be challenged in the courts.

Community banking through the COVID crisis

Will Congress do anything to help small businesses? There is currently a standoff on another round of COVID spending. Most likely, it will depend on which party wins the presidency and which party controls the Senate.

Are you ready for fair lending reporting for small business loans?

Part of the mandate given to the CFPB was Section 1071, which amended the Equal Credit Opportunity Act to require financial institutions to compile, maintain and submit to the bureau certain data on applications for credit for women-owned, minor-

What a Biden victory may mean for community banks

While most attention is being paid to potential changes in environmental policies, corporate taxation and immigration law, it is worth considering what may happen on banking issues in the regulatory agencies and on the legislative front.

SCOTUS rules against CFPB’s leadership structure

On June 29, the Supreme Court ruled in the Seila Law decision that the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau violated the separation of powers doctrine.

All big businesses are now too big to fail

For the first time, the Fed was directed to get into the lending business due to the CARES Act mandate and over $450 billion in appropriations to cover any loan losses.

Will community banks need more help from Washington?

The effect of nonperforming and underperforming loans in community bank portfolios continues to be a concern.

How long can the borrowing go on? We are already $trillions in debt

The latest Congressional response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a massive $2.2 trillion appropriation to try to create a backstop for the economy.

Credit unions get aggressive in push for sub debt

In late January, the NCUA issued a proposed rule to allow credit unions with more than $500 million in assets to issue subordinated debt.

Elections have consequences

“Elections have consequences. I won,” President Obama told congressional Republicans shortly after his inauguration in 2009.

State legislative and regulatory update

In a state with an estimated population of more than 28 million, it’s amazing what the Texas Legislature accomplishes in 140 days every other year.

Supreme Court to take up CFPB constitutional case

In October, the Supreme Court agreed to consider a constitutional challenge to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Texas takes big steps to address card skimming

Unfortunately, because Texas is so economically prosperous, we???re a ripe target for thieves perpetrating card skimming crimes. Thankfully, steps are being taken to address card skimming, at least at Texas??? gas pumps.

Federal laws are needed for privacy and cybersecurity

Despite the negligence of a few financial services providers, the banking industry is the gold standard when it comes to customer privacy and data protection.