Stories from the Vault

Not your average bank mascot

Lucy is the lone alligator at First National Bank of Alvin, otherwise known as the “Gator Bank,” located about 30 miles south of Houston.

The ‘youth market’

A 1972 article in the Texas Bankers Record breaks down the issue between younger demographics and banking. Ironically, it’s still a pressing issue today.

Banks that take us back in time

Sprinkled across the state are intriguing bank buildings that speak to Texas’ long history in the industry. Similar to the classic small-town Texas courthouses, these old bank buildings preserve much of our heritage.

A place in Texas banking history

To date, five generations of the Ware family have led the bank through everything from bank robberies to turbulent financial conditions.

The Cisco Santa Robbery

In 1927, 24-year-old Marshall Ratliff, donning a Santa suit, arrived at Cisco’s First National Bank with three accomplices to rob the bank.