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Paymerang’s award-winning electronic payables solution provides a simple, secure and profitable way to pay your vendors — saving clients hundreds of hours each year and reducing the risk of payment fraud. Paymerang processes billions in payments annually for clients from coast to coast in all verticals and includes more than 400,000 suppliers who receive payments electronically.

Prothro, Wilhelmi & Company, PLLC
6855 Oak Hill Blvd.
Tyler, TX 75703-0540
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Prothro-Wilhelmi has developed an effective process to prepare an assessment of risks affecting our clients’ operations, which serves as the foundation for an effective risk management program. Our unique approach of collaborating with stakeholders has proven to be effective in obtaining the buy-in and consensus on the prioritization of operational risks. Utilizing this risk assessment, our team assists key stakeholders and the designated committee in developing an overall risk management strategy.