PlainsCapital Bank’s North Dallas branch builds on its deep-rooted brand to deliver a more customer-centric experience

PlainsCapital Bank delivers a more customer-centric experiencePlainsCapital Bank’s North Dallas location was recently upgraded to deliver a more customer-centric experience with a holistic and intuitive footprint from the outside-in. Leaning on it’s relationship-first values, this banking experience provides a better opportunity to connect with clients within a modern branded environment. 

PlainsCapital leveraged a progressive design-build process in partnership with experience design agency, Adrenaline, to transition the North Dallas branch design, operations and offerings to elevate experiences and stay ahead of clients’ evolving expectations. With a focus on functionality, the design incorporates a new customer journey, holistic digital technologies and service strategies that focus on delivering convenience and cultivating relationships through in-branch consultation. 

“As a major market that caters to so many industries, Dallas is a critical location for a Texas-based bank like PlainsCapital,” according to President and CEO Jerry Schaffner. “The dynamic strategies we implemented at our North Dallas location reflect our pledge to efficiently meet clients’ needs and proactively deepen relationships with new and existing customers.”

Through in-depth research and experience mapping, PlainsCapital defined a series of customer journey zones to efficiently meet visitors’ banking needs, including engagement, transaction and consultation spaces. The North Dallas location’s distinctive design allows clients to be greeted quickly and easily visualize their route. The environment has been structured to be collaborative, reduce barriers between customers and bankers and provide optimal privacy.

“It’s important that our service methods, branch resources and products continue to align with each generation’s changing expectations,” said North Dallas Branch President Thomas Ricks. “Even as our client base becomes more reliant on digital and mobile banking, we’re finding they still want a physical branch to visit for certain banking needs and these updates ensure our banking services are always accessible.”

The modern branch environment also incorporates upgraded digital signage to facilitate communication. Outdoors, PlainsCapital updated its drive-thru to incorporate personal teller machine (PTM) technology where visitors can engage with a live teller or complete routine transactions during and after regular bank hours.