CASH Suite: Leveraging fintech to enhance commercial lending

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CASH Suite is a comprehensive financial analysis and risk management software solution designed for commercial lenders to promote efficiency and effective decisions throughout the entire commercial lending lifecycle.

This award-winning offering is comprised of 11 integrated modules for business development, financial analysis, risk management and pricing, credit communication and approvals, covenant compliance tracking, portfolio management, stress testing, in-depth reporting and workflow. Recent product innovations have led to demonstrable improvements for commercial lenders’ processes, workflows and overall management of their commercial lending portfolios.

The CASH Suite product line was recently enhanced with the addition of CASH Tax Importer, which leverages optical character recognition technology to extract and speed the accurate import of information from a borrower’s tax returns for use in underwriting commercial loans.

Used in conjunction with Wolters Kluwer’s CASH Insight™ module, Tax Importer eliminates the manual, time-consuming task of entering data from a prospective borrower’s tax returns and tax schedules, allowing lenders to instead focus resources on the in-depth analysis of that data for underwriting.

CASH Suite provides improved compliance across one’s business loan portfolio, with access to data when and where needed, automation of workflow, ability to measure one’s loan performance and clarity for commercial lending processes and accountability. The solution fosters accelerated planning, tracking, reporting and management of all commercial loan activity, providing better visibility into leads and referrals for commercial loans.

Ultimately, CASH Suite helps boost lenders’ profits and grow top-line revenue by achieving straight-through processing across every step of the commercial loan lifecycle.

CASH Suite optimizes commercial lending processes and capabilities. Modules include:

  • CASH Tax Importer
  • CASH Insight
  • CASH OnTrack
  • CASH Reward
  • CASH Profit
  • CASH Opportunity
  • CASH GlobalView
  • CASH Bridge
  • CASH Doc
  • CASH Workflow