Outpacing Financial Crime with Big Data in the Cloud

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Today’s banks face increased pressure from regulatory change and evolving financial crimes. Verafin, the industry’s leading financial crime management platform and endorsed partner of the Texas Bankers Association, helps more than 170 banks in Texas stay a step ahead with solutions for

  • Fraud detection and management
  • BSA/AML compliance & management •High-risk customer management
  • Information sharing

Our unique big data intelligence approach applies cross-institutional analysis and machine learning to analyze a billion transactions each week in the Verafin cloud. When combined with our powerful information sharing technology and intuitive visual smart evidence, Verafin offers banks:

  • Consolidated investigations: Verafin removes the traditionally siloed approach between BSA/AML and fraud departments, allowing banks to work more efficiently, saving time and resources during BSA and fraud investigations, and enhancing detection, investigation and reporting of illicit activity.
  • Holistic view of customer activity: Our cross-channel approach builds a comprehensive view of a customer’s activity, presenting you with alerts and tools that help you see the complete picture. Verafin’s holistic assessment of your customer base improves your alert quality and accuracy and overall detection capabilities.
  • Continuous innovation: Through access to enormous amounts of anonymized cloud-based data, ongoing collection of user feedback and advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Verafin develops highly targeted analytical agents that alert you to the latest criminal trends with extreme accuracy. Weekly software updates ensure your bank is always protected by the latest analytical advances.

Les MacFadden
[email protected]