Chris Furlow

Chris Furlow
TBA President & CEO

It’s great to see you!

We’re hitting every corner of Texas!

What a difference a year makes! Summertime is TBA Texas Tour time and it is great to be back out on the road with you — just as it should be. Warm smiles, hearty handshakes and hugs have replaced the canceled events and confinements of masks and Zoom calls that were hallmarks of 2020 and COVID-19. 

The TBA Texas Tour kicked off in June with visits to towns large and small. Nacogdoches, the friendly hometown of Chairman Rusty Rust, was stop #1. It was followed by a buoyant reunion and lunch with bankers in Houston. 

We’re hitting every corner of Texas, so we traveled as far west as we could. A breakfast in the great banking town of El Paso started the day on June 28 and we were in Fort Stockton for a reception later in the day. Odessa and Abilene were next, where we saw old friends and were excited to make new ones!

Of course, the TBA team has been pleased to provide important information about the successes of our Texas banks during the Tour. We’ve talked about your historic support to your communities during the pandemic. And we discussed legislative wins, regulatory changes as well as cyber and new innovation offerings for community banks. 

But let’s face it, we’ve really enjoyed just being back together — seeing you and listening to what you have to say.

We can’t wait for another series of re-invigorating Texas Tour meetings after the Fourth of July break. We’ll use planes, trains and automobiles (okay, maybe just the planes, automobiles and a boat) to visit TBA members in a dozen more locales to include: 

  • Lubbock (July 7)
  • Amarillo (July 8)
  • Fort Worth (July 8)
  • Dallas (July 9)
  • Kilgore (July 9)
  • Waco (July 20)
  • Austin (July 20)
  • San Antonio (July 21)
  • Uvalde (July 21)
  • Laredo (July 22)
  • McAllen (July 22) 
  • Corpus Christi (July 23)

Be sure to get details on the event closest to you and register today on the TBA website at

Finally, this summer’s events will culminate with TBA’s 136th Annual Convention in Austin from August 25-27. The response has been tremendous, so please don’t wait to register and reserve your hotel room at the Hilton Austin Downtown. You can find convention information on the website as well at

Whether on the Texas Tour, at the TBA Convention, or both, it is just great to see you again!