The CFPB pushes the limits of regulatory power

The use of disparate impact has been curtailed by the Supreme Court but the CFPB has not acknowledged those holdings.

Texas' economic dominance continues, ranks No. 1 in U.S. in GDP growth

Texas, the ninth largest economy in the world, according to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), saw a 10.1% increase in the annual rate growth of real GDP in the last quarter of 2021.

Cross-border banking regulations cost nearly $40B in GDP

The report found that misplaced emphasis of U.S. AML/CFT regulations and enforcement on correspondent banking contributed to a cumulative U.S. GDP loss of $38.3 billion, approximately $5.5 billion per year, between 2012 and 2018.

Halfway there

With unobstructed views of the Governor’s Mansion and State Capitol, the new TBA building offers prime lease space that will generate non-member, non-dues revenue to support member activity for years to come.

The politicization of bank regulation

President Biden’s appointees in a number of agencies have talked about the need for action on climate change and the goal of maximizing diversity, equity and inclusion.

From Odesa to Odessa

Events taking place half-way around the world in places like Kyiv and Odesa, Ukraine do have an impact in communities important to us — like Odessa, TX.

What the FDIC resignation means for banking policy

For the last 88 years it has functioned independently with the chair setting the agenda for each meeting. That has all changed.

Challenging year sets stage for 2022

TBA's engagement strategy matured in 2021 and we were able to influence the legislation. This was a good exercise and perhaps a preview of what’s in store for Texas bankers in 2022. A significant political year lies ahead.

CFPB embarks on a business lending quagmire for community banks

On Sept. 1, the bureau published a 918-page notice of proposed rulemaking for Section 1071 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Will Washington turn banks into agents for the IRS?

To pay for the infrastructure bill, Biden is proposing increases in corporate taxes, income taxes and taxes on capital gains.

Will Biden become the new FDR? And what are the risks for inflation?

Six months into his administration, Biden has veered toward the hard left and is getting accolades from the same progressives who were skeptical of his leadership.

Consumer credit recovery continued in fourth quarter

The consumer credit recovery continued in the fourth quarter of 2020, building off trends established last fall, according to the ABA’s latest quarterly Credit Card Market Monitor.

Biden tasks regulators with taking on climate change

In addition to dealing with the pandemic, President Biden has two other policy goals he campaigned on: the need for greater diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of American life and the fight against climate change.

Weather at its worst, bankers at their best

As we go to print for the March edition of Texas Banking, it is the end of an icy February week that brought our state its worst winter weather event in decades.

Holding the line

Banks have led as economic first responders during the pandemic, even as some government partners changed the rules of the Paycheck Protection Program and other relief efforts.

A new year brings new opportunities

The dawn of 2021 provides the opportunity to turn the page and to have fresh perspective.

2021 Outlook

Although COVID-19 will continue to cause economic fallout, Texas is positioned for growth as the ‘new normal’ is reached.

A light in the dark

With the challenges and change that 2020 threw at the banking industry, one thing we can say about the year is that it gave Texas bankers the opportunity to shine.

God bless the Texas banker

You will also find no better witness to the nobility of character than Texas community bankers during this challenging year — from working tirelessly to save jobs and small businesses to contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed neighbors

Community banking through the COVID crisis

Will Congress do anything to help small businesses? There is currently a standoff on another round of COVID spending. Most likely, it will depend on which party wins the presidency and which party controls the Senate.