Human Resources

Beyond the checkbox

It's unlikely candidates will provide references who would offer unfavorable remarks about them, leading to doubts about the true usefulness of reference checks.

Taking TB-ISAO to the next level

Texas Bankers Information Sharing and Analysis Organization adds IACInet member benefit

Key Takeaways from SECURE Act 2.0

Many features will increase the complexity of 401(k)s and other types of retirement plans, requiring additional effort from plan sponsors and service providers to ensure plans are operated correctly.

How will the salary transparency movement affect your bank?

Allowing employees to see the full picture of compensation can help break the disconnect and frustration when feeling like you are under paid or not fairly compensated.

People make the difference

At the heart of what makes Texas banks special is our people who make a difference in the bank and in the community.

How TBA is reinvigorating banking at the university level

TBA is excited to highlight two recent banking programs which were a result of member feedback along with recognition of the individuals whose vision and determination made these programs a reality.

A Conversation with TBA’s Human Resource Professional

In this interview, Texas Banking editor, Carlos Espinosa, sat down with Sarah Maldonado, a seasoned HR leader, to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in HR today.

How technology can improve company culture

Significant changes are happening almost every day in everything from technology to culture to experience.

Navigating a multigenerational workforce

The preconceived notions we have of the five different generations of employees may be affecting our ability to achieve our goals cohesively and effectively.

An Ambition to excel

With a focus on wants and needs, TBA has a rich history of creating opportunities for our member banks to grow and develop beyond current capabilities.

The dreaded call

While it may be no surprise that cyber threats are increasing, it can be easy to get desensitized to the real threat of cyber attacks because of the saturation of cyber incidents in the news.

Overcoming the fight for talent

As we continue to normalize in a post-COVID world, the search for talent remains a constant challenge for banks across Texas.

The results are in

Some of the top challenges facing Texas bankers were identified in a recent 2021 TBA Bank Compensation and Benefits Survey.

Banking on the future

Banking on the future: BankWork$ program creates opportunities for successful careers in banking

Nurturing or future bankers

New TBA Student Membership Program offers insight into TBA offerings and legislative and regulatory priorities

Red Alert

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that you and your institution’s employees exercise caution and remain nimble in your cyber defenses to prevent falling victim to one of the many attacks and scams.

Building a talent pipeline

The future of the state’s banking industry is bright thanks in large part to a renewed focus by Texas universities on banking degrees, banking minors, commercial banking certificates and even an executive MBA, ensuring that a pipeline of talent flows

The journey to leadership

So, what’s all the hype around women in leadership — in particular, women in banking leadership? Why does it matter? It matters because the profitability of your institutions and the banking industry as a whole depend on how you address (or don’t) th

How to be a #NotMe in a #MeToo World

#MeToo brought sexual harassment out of the shadows and into the mainstream. The ripple effects have been felt in companies and organizations, large and small, from coast to coast.