Continuing the fight against 1071

TBA remains committed to reining in the CFPB’s unconstitutionally broad Sec. 1071 Final Rule.

88th Texas Legislative Session

TBA General Counsel Celeste Embrey reviews the 88th Texas Legislative Session and tells us what bills will affect Texas banks.

Building bridges and advocating for the industry

The Texas Bankers Blitz serves as a crucial platform for TBA members to engage with their state legislators and address issues that impact their customers, communities and shareholders.

FDIC Chairman leads efforts to stabilize banking system and protect depositors in wake of ba

While the failure of these institutions caused concerns about a broader economic spillover from these failures, it is important to note that these two institutions were allowed to fail, and shareholders lost their investment.

Federal Reserve to launch FedNow service in July

The Federal Reserve has announced that the FedNow Service will begin operating in July 2023, with financial institutions and the U.S. Treasury on board.

A retrospective on the Texas Bankers Association since 1885

Texas banks are thriving and helping the communities they serve prosper. We enjoy a strong and diversified economy.

Lawmakers create first-ever crypto subcommittee

In mid-January, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Patrick McHenry (R-NC), announced a new subcommittee — Digital Assets, Financial Technology and Inclusion.

Uncertainty on the regulatory front

There is a lot on the line for bankers this year. Much of it depends on what the Supreme Court decides.

What the election results mean for bankers

This is the first midterm since 1934 that the party in power defended every incumbent Senate seat.

Do questions about CFPB’s funding benefit community banks?

On October 19, the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision that vacated the 2017 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) 2017 Payday Lending Rule — essentially striking CFPB’s funding as unconstitutional.


Bankers fit in throughout the entire energy supply chain by serving as the indispensable partners to all these business ventures that have built Texas and our country.

Was there a red wave?

Heading into the November 8 General Election, pundits across the country projected big wins for Republicans in Texas and across the nation.

Will this election result in push-back on regulatory overreach?

The agencies are proposing an agenda that is tailored to the goals of the progressive left. The regulatory burdens of these proposals will fall most heavily on community banks.

Texas bankers take priorities to Capitol Hill

After a two-year COVID interruption, Texas bankers made the trek to Washington, D.C. and visited with congressional members and staff on key priorities related to the banking industry.

The CFPB pushes the limits of regulatory power

The use of disparate impact has been curtailed by the Supreme Court but the CFPB has not acknowledged those holdings.

The politicization of bank regulation

President Biden’s appointees in a number of agencies have talked about the need for action on climate change and the goal of maximizing diversity, equity and inclusion.

What the FDIC resignation means for banking policy

For the last 88 years it has functioned independently with the chair setting the agenda for each meeting. That has all changed.

Challenging year sets stage for 2022

TBA's engagement strategy matured in 2021 and we were able to influence the legislation. This was a good exercise and perhaps a preview of what’s in store for Texas bankers in 2022. A significant political year lies ahead.

FDIC creates new office to support mission-driven banks

The new office will further promote private sector investments in low- and moderate-income communities and expand collaboration with mission-driven banks.