The CFPB pushes the limits of regulatory power

The use of disparate impact has been curtailed by the Supreme Court but the CFPB has not acknowledged those holdings.

Texas bankers take priorities to Capitol Hill

After a two-year COVID interruption, Texas bankers made the trek to Washington, D.C. and visited with congressional members and staff on key priorities related to the banking industry.

The politicization of bank regulation

President Biden’s appointees in a number of agencies have talked about the need for action on climate change and the goal of maximizing diversity, equity and inclusion.

What the FDIC resignation means for banking policy

For the last 88 years it has functioned independently with the chair setting the agenda for each meeting. That has all changed.

Challenging year sets stage for 2022

TBA's engagement strategy matured in 2021 and we were able to influence the legislation. This was a good exercise and perhaps a preview of what’s in store for Texas bankers in 2022. A significant political year lies ahead.

FDIC creates new office to support mission-driven banks

The new office will further promote private sector investments in low- and moderate-income communities and expand collaboration with mission-driven banks.

CFPB embarks on a business lending quagmire for community banks

On Sept. 1, the bureau published a 918-page notice of proposed rulemaking for Section 1071 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

More regulations in cybersecurity?

Regulations are nothing new to financial organizations. In fact, the consensus is whether it’s a traditional bank or a modern fintech startup, they are among the most heavily regulated businesses already — and have been for some time.

Will Washington turn banks into agents for the IRS?

To pay for the infrastructure bill, Biden is proposing increases in corporate taxes, income taxes and taxes on capital gains.

Will Biden become the new FDR? And what are the risks for inflation?

Six months into his administration, Biden has veered toward the hard left and is getting accolades from the same progressives who were skeptical of his leadership.

87th Legislative Session proving pundits wrong again

Conventional wisdom and the pundits predicted that the 87th Regular Session would be a low bill session. With more than 7,001 bills filed to date, the pundits have been proven wrong.

Biden tasks regulators with taking on climate change

In addition to dealing with the pandemic, President Biden has two other policy goals he campaigned on: the need for greater diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of American life and the fight against climate change.

Economic and regulatory issues in the coming months

President Biden, federal agencies and Congressional allies will propose a number of challenges to Texas banking.

What happens now that Democrats took the Senate?

With Democrats running the executive branch and both houses of Congress, the momentum is with the progressive left. New Yorker Chuck Schumer will be the new Senate Majority Leader and Democrats will chair all committees.

CFPB starts process on fair lending for small business loans

Just when we thought we had survived the worst of the Dodd-Frank Act, the CFPB has released an outline of various proposals to create a HMDA-like regime for small business lending.

Legislating in the age of COVID

Despite logistical concerns and operational challenges, 87th Legislature set to tackle budget, redistricting, criminal justice reform and other priorities

When a blue wave hits a red wall

From the perspective of community bankers, gridlock is a good thing. The unknown is how far left the federal banking agencies will go but I anticipate that many actions will be challenged in the courts.

Community banking through the COVID crisis

Will Congress do anything to help small businesses? There is currently a standoff on another round of COVID spending. Most likely, it will depend on which party wins the presidency and which party controls the Senate.