A lesson from lemons

The banking industry is being told to embrace “digital transformation.” The idea it represents — the ability to adapt to current needs and norms — has always been with us. History is fraught with examples of this, some of which may prove instructive.

Stopping PPP Fraud

The first rounds of PPP helped more than five million small businesses in the United States in the amount of $525 billion in funding, but not without a dark side to the program.

Creating innovation in a post-pandemic environment

With the promise that the pandemic will eventually be behind us, everyone is trying to predict the “next normal” and imagine if they have what it will take to succeed — or even survive — in a post-pandemic economy.

Cybersecurity for the Board of Directors

Cyber threats are daunting. Not only are they complex and constantly evolving, but they also have the potential to impart significant financial and reputational damage to our financial institutions.

Year in review and what to expect in 2021

Changes in technology have been revolutionizing business for a long time but recently this trend has been expedited due to the rapid increase in work-from-home as well as the adoption of technologies such as the cloud.

How can something so good be so bad?

Social media has changed the ways we live our lives — from the way we get our news to the way we interact with our family, friends and peers. It’s everywhere, it’s unavoidable, it’s powerful and it’s here to stay.

The future starts here

The task at hand is to help TBA community bank members get ahead of change, to provide resources and tools to effectively adapt and to enhance the ability of our community banks to compete.

Cybersecurity and politics

Here we are almost to 2021. Do you feel any more cybersecure? Just this year, we’ve seen a 20% increase in cyber fraud and abuse and a startling 200% increase in business email compromises.

Red Alert

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that you and your institution’s employees exercise caution and remain nimble in your cyber defenses to prevent falling victim to one of the many attacks and scams.

Information sharing and collaboration

For the 17th year in a row, the National Cyber Security Alliance and CISA have announced October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This year’s theme is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

Designed to Fail

With a multilayered approach, no single layer’s failure results in a security breach. In a sense, each layer is designed to fail — or to allow for the inevitable — while still providing exceptional security.

10 steps to starting a digital banking transformation

Most financial institutions understand the power of digital. The more pressing question, though, is how an organization brings all the components together to turn digital transformation into reality.

Treat cybersecurity as a business decision—Part II

Most organizations struggle with just being secure and functional, but the financial services industry has the bonus plan by including compliance.

Treat cybersecurity as a business decision

What have we achieved with our investment, are we any more secure than we were, how much more are we going to spend?

Adapting to the changing world

TBA, like our banks, was affected by the pandemic. TBA staff have worked from home since mid-March, and TBA leadership has been forced to adapt to restrictions brought about by the quarantine.

COVID-19 blamed for 238% surge in cyberattacks against banks

When the mandate came down to get employees up and running first and foremost in order to service the customers, there wasn’t enough time to properly address each security risk.

Is it too early for lessons learned or are we still learning lessons?

I think we’ve learned that we can secure our remote workforces and, at the same time, they can continue to be productive. As for myself, I now have a much clearer picture of where my organization’s cyber weaknesses are.

Business email compromise is a growing trend

Business email compromise is a sophisticated scam that targets both businesses and individuals that transact legitimate transfer of funds requests.

Getting ahead of risk

With limited resources and technology, community banks must leverage automation to help them create efficiencies around fraud and risk management so they can better serve corporate clients.

A calculated future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often used as a way to describe computer systems that can learn and perform tasks that previously required human intelligence.

Top 10 trends impacting bank technology for 2020

History is full of tech that ebbed and flowed until the right formula was found. Design and workflow are questions one should ask before launching any new tech.

JD Power: Banks Connecting with Customers Through Digital Advice

With fewer bank customers than ever before visiting physical branches, retail banks have become increasingly adept at connecting with their customers by offering financial advice digitally.