Cyber Security, Innovation & the Future of Banking 

TBA Cyber Computer ChipTechnology plays an expanding role in banking and in the lives of our customers. The accessibility and convenience that it provides also comes with increased digital risk. In this environment, all Texas banks — particularly our community banks — need Texas-specific solutions. TBA has dedicated and experienced IT security staff to help our banks and industry reduce cyber risk. TBA has developed original content and leading cyber and fintech-oriented programs for our members:

  • Launched a Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Threat Intelligence Platform specifically for Texas Banks 
  • Developed a Pioneering Cyber - security Benchmarking Survey for Texas Banks — another industry first. 
  • Built an Incident Response Playbook to enhance Texas bank readiness
  • Collaborated with state and federal regulators on cyber education programs for bankers and bank customers 
  • Provides Texas-specific Cyber Training for Bank Directors and Senior Bank Executives
  • Offers world-class Cyber Insurance designed to help Texas banks be more cyber resilient
  • Established a Future of Banking Task Force for community bank competitiveness by evaluating emerging customer needs, Fintech trends, core technology issues and “NextGen” bank workforce requirements. 
  • Coming soon: A TBA innovation accelerator for Texas community banks

2019 Incident Response Playbook

Texas Incident Response PlaybookTBA, along with the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center, the American Bankers Association and the ABA-State Association Alliance, have developed an all-hazards state and regional crisis Incident Response Playbook. It includes information on what to do before, during and following a cyber incident.

Department of Homeland Security

Cybersecurity Assessments

Cybersecurity Insurance


National Cyber Awareness System

Future of Banking Task Force

In 2018, TBA established the Future of Banking Task Force to ensure that Texas community banks have the information, tools and resources to remain competitive and to succeed. The task force is comprised of a diverse group of Texas community bankers across a range of bank roles. In May 2019, the task force released a "Summary of Initial Findings and Recommendations," and presented its findings at the 135th Annual Convention in Austin. A core processor survey was conducted with Texas banks this year. The findings will be released soon.

Texas Department of Banking Ransomware Tools

Ransomware Self-Assessment Tool (R-SAT)

Overview of Ransomware Preparedness