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Helping Keep Banks Safe from Internet Crime

TrueSTARThreat Intelligence Platform

TruSTAR is an intelligence management platform that helps TBA members operationize data across tools and teams, helping them prioritize investigations and accelerate incident response. This service is offered at no cost to any TBA member bank. For access please contact Alvin Mills, VP IT & Security, [email protected] or 512-334-0934.

Information Sharing and CollaborationInformation Sharing and Collaboration

TBA started a slack group that allows TBA members to communicate, collaborate, and share information across several different channels including, cybersecurity/fraud/technology/COVID-19/threat-intel without the use of emails. Members openly communicate over chat sessions with each other or to the whole channel group. Once again, this is a free service sponsored by TBA. If your bank wants access, please contact Alvin Mills, VP IT & Security, [email protected] or 512-334-0934.

IronNet ImageStronger cyber defense

Using machine learning algorithms, network detection and response (NDR) solutions can spot malicious cyber threats early in the intrusion cycle, allowing for faster triage and response. By detecting unknown threats ahead of the curve — and then sharing anonymous threat intelligence across the banking sector — NDR can stop adversaries before they achieve their endgame: system exploitation or data exfiltration. As a trusted advisor for defending the banking sector, IronNet is sponsoring a pilot program for TBA member banks to improve their cybersecurity posture through Collective Defense powered by behavioral analytics.


Cybernance is a product that allows member banks to access their cyber resilience against recognized national standards (e.g. NIST, ISO, FFIEC, and PCI) to name a few. They were awarded a safety act designation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. They are the first and only enterprise-wide, web-based software solution for managing and mitigating cyber risk based on key compliance frameworks.