Opening Business Accounts in Texas Seminar

Opening Business Accounts in Texas Seminar

No doubt about it — opening business accounts is complicated! Verifying if a business is legitimate and who has the authority to transact on behalf of that business can be difficult. What is the securest way to determine who has the authority to transact for a business — especially when owed by multiple owners or another entity? In this comprehensive three-hour training, participants gain confidence and a clear understanding of the regulatory, compliance, documentation and TIN requirements for opening business accounts — all customized to Texas law.

The detailed reference manual, customized to Texas law, is included in the registration fee and serves as an invaluable resource (a $250 value). With over four decades of banking experience, our presenter, Suzette (Suzie) Jones, CFP®, is known nationally as highly knowledgeable with a unique ability to take technical information and make it interesting, relatable and relevant. 


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6/22/2021 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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