The Texas Bankers Association

"Strong Banks. Stronger Communities"

Founded in 1885, the Texas Bankers Association is a member-centric state organization based in Austin whose members represent the voice of the banking industry within the state and national halls of Austin and Washington, D.C. In addition, its members participate in discussions around financial and economic roundtables where community leaders ponder safety and soundness issues confronting the state and national economics.

TBA is the leadership organization and principal advocate for all Texas Banks

TBA represents 95 percent of banking institutions of all asset and deposit sizes. Our membership includes small and large institutions holding state and national charters, thrift charters and non-Texas charters with thousands of branches across our state.

Our member institutions pay local taxes on brick and mortar buildings and employ thousands of banking professionals. Members speak individually and through their representation on the association's Board of Directors, four Councils and 16 Committees. More than 300 members volunteer each year to speak to TBA's mission of one industry, one vision, one voice.

Best-in-Class Banker Education

TBA learning never stops. We provide more than 75 seminars, 200 webinars and 20 specialized conferences and schools for thousands of Texas bankers each year. We prepare banking leaders for tomorrow through our Management Development Program.

Since 1885, the Texas Bankers Association has been serving the needs of community banks. Banks are still the economic engines of our communities and TBA continues to lead the way as the nation's oldest and largest state bankers association in the nation. Strong banks mean stronger communities.

Facts & Stats

  • Representing all Texas banking institutions, the Texas Bankers Association brings together community and regional banks and branches, bank holding companies and savings institutions.
  • The Texas Bankers Association has 425member banks and 4,633 branches, representing 85 percent of banking institutions of all asset and deposit sizes.
  • Located in Austin, the association is governed by a board of directors representing member banks of all asset sizes from across the state.
  • TBA is the oldest and largest state banking association in the nation.

Contact Information

203 W. 10th St.
Austin, TX 78701