TBA Building Project

An Option to Ensure TBA’s Future

The Texas Bankers Association's Board of Directors has explored the option of investing in a new building on TBA's property that, through the leasing of office and parking space, would provide a considerable and ongoing revenue stream to help fund association priorities for years to come in addition to housing core TBA functions.

TBA has a unique opportunity to maximize member benefit by leveraging its current asset. The land is valued at $11 million in this prime location and independent analysis indicates there is opportunity to earn more than $50 per square foot for office space and more than $2,200 a year per parking space.

We have been active in our outreach regarding this opportunity, including a breakout session during TBA's annual convention and 17 stops throughout the state during our Texas Tour. We also conducted regional meetings on this subject as well as a webinar for bank decision makers unable to attend any of the other meetings. We have put together a helpful Q&A piece and a video that explains the details of the proposal and answers some of your questions.

At their September 2018 meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to conduct a membership vote on the recommended TBA building option, and the Board recommended the membership approve the project and requisite investment. Accordingly, a membership vote was conducted the week of Oct. 29-Nov. 2. The vote results, tallied by an independent accounting firm, conveyed overwhelming support for the project. At their December 2018 meeting, the Board unanimously voted to certify the vote results and proceed with the building project.

TBA members are strongly encouraged to educate themselves on the building opportunity. 

Thank you!

TBA Building Q&A (PDF)

TBA Building Presentation Video

Questions or Input?

Please email , Chief Administrative Officer, or call 512-472-8388.