TBA Advocacy

Leading the charge on behalf of the Texas banking industry

Since 1885, advocacy has been one of the primary member benefits of the Texas Bankers Association.
Our advocacy efforts include:

  • State Lobbying: We are the primary lobbyists for TBA members at the Texas Capitol.
  • Federal Lobbying:  We work with Washington, D.C. contract lobbyists on federal legislative and regulatory matters and litigation.
  • Grassroots Network:  We leverage banker relationships with their local legislators in order to solidify support for TBA initiatives.
  • BankPac:  Staff presents to bank boards and/or employees on the importance of PAC.
  • Regulatory Agencies: We regularly interact with state and federal regulators (TX DoB, TDSML, OCC, FDIC, CFPB, Fed) to ensure TBA is an essential stakeholder in formulation of regulations.
  • Member/Media Relations: We provide information to membership and media on relevant banking matters.

TBA Legislative Team

  • President and CEO:Chris Furlow
  • General Counsel: John Heasley
  • Assistant General Counsel: Celeste Embrey
    Phone: 512-472-8388