$martPath Texas Sponsorship

The Texas Bankers Foundation has secured a one year license, through a $100,000 grant, to bring the award-winning $martPathTM program to Texas. In partnership with the Texas Council on Economic Education (TCEE) and the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati, 250 teachers will be trained on the turnkey curriculum during the 2018-2019 school year. The program is expected to reach at least 5,000 elementary students in the first year.

What is $martPath?  

$martPath is an engaging, interactive and easy-to-use way for teachers of grades 1-6 to embed relevant and fun economic and financial education in their classrooms. Developed by leading practitioners working hand-in-hand with Ohio teachers, $martPath provides simple, fun lessons that bring economic and financial education to life in your classroom. $martPath units teach students about personal financial responsibility (such as saving, prudent spending, and prioritizing needs and wants) through grade-appropriate, curriculum-aligned, interactive lessons.