About the Texas Bankers Association

Education, information and advocacy

Since 1885, the Texas Bankers Association has been working to create a dynamic and profitable environment for Texas banks. This environment has provided a healthy atmosphere for the industry, as well as resources and services to benefit bank employees.

TBA is the leadership organization and principal advocate for all Texas banks:

  • The Texas Bankers Association has 425 member banks.
  • 85 percent of Texas banks are members of the TBA.
  • TBA member banks have 4,633 branches.

News Releases

Texas Bankers Nominated for Emerging Leader Award

Ten Texas bankers have been nominated for Texas Bankers Foundation’s new Emerging Leader Award. The award was created this year to honor bankers who have had a positive impact in the banking industry and are expected to become a leader in their bank

Chris Furlow Takes Helm as TBA President & CEO

Chris Furlow officially took the helm as the new President and CEO of the Texas Bankers Association today, succeeding Eric Sandberg, who retired after holding the position for nine years.

TBA Elects 2018-19 Officers

The membership of the Texas Bankers Association recently elected officers for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

50-Year Bankers Honored

The Texas Bankers Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Texas Bankers Association, honored 16 Texas bankers with the 50-Year Banker Award during TBA’s 134th Annual Convention on May 4 in Houston.

Cornerstone and LiFE Awards Announced

The Texas Bankers Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Texas Bankers Association, will present the annual Cornerstone and Leaders in Financial Education (LiFE) awards to 12 banks at a special luncheon.

Christopher Furlow Named CEO of TBA

The Texas Bankers Association Board of Directors today announced the appointment of Christopher J. Furlow to the position of Chief Executive Officer, effective July 1.

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Vote 'Yes' on Prop 2

Vote 'yes' on Prop 2 and make home equity loans available to more homeowners.

Financial CHOICE Act is Win-Win for Texas

The adoption of the Financial CHOICE Act is a win-win for Texas consumers, homeowners and small business owners.

The Truth About Retailers and Swipe Fees

Repealing the Durbin Amendment will support economic growth and help all Texans.

CFPB has Created a Regulatory Credit Crunch

The Dodd-Frank Act has resulted in approximately 24,000 pages of proposed and final rules.