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TBA Endorsed Partners

TBA Endorsed LogoTBA endorsed partner products & services have been thoroughly vetted and reviewed by the TBASCO Board of Directors. True partners to the TBA, these companies support TBA events and advocacy on behalf of banks across Texas. When considering a third party provider, look for the TBA Endorsed logo.

AmeriCap Insurance Group, LLC — A Higginbotham Company

Employee Benefits

AmeriCap Insurance Logo

Founded in 1939 the AmeriCap Insurance Group is one of the oldest and largest providers of employee benefits in the country dealing exclusively with financial Institutions. Providing a full range of group life, health, dental, vision and disability income Insurance products using only the most financially sound insurance companies, we customize a program for each institution to achieve the best long term solution. Having helped hundreds of financial institutions over the years, our professional service is second to none with a staff devoted to making sure you have your questions answered promptly and accurately. Come see what your neighbor already knows.

For more information email , call him at 817-797-0556 or visit http://www.americapgroup.com.

Ameriprise Financial Institutions Group

Investment Programs

Ameriprise Financial Institutions Group Logo


Ameriprise Financial Institutions Group (AFIG) specializes in partnering with banks to help their clients reach their financial goals through on-site investment programs. In 2017, Ameriprise Financial acquired Investments Professionals, Inc. (IPI). IPI's experience and expertise in serving the financial institutions market combined with Ameriprise's depth of resources and commitment to clients creates a powerful alliance in the financial institutions marketplace. We offer the important combination of a high touch, personalized service experience, along with comprehensive advice and a broad spectrum of product solutions to help your clients achieve their financial goals. You'll have the opportunity to create new revenue streams and increase loyalty among your important clients. Leveraging our expertise and resources, we can help you deepen your long-term client relationships and solidify your position as a full-service financial leader in your market. Align with a firm that reflects your culture while providing quality, stability and value.

For more information email or call him at 210-483-5073.

Anova Financial Corporation

Anova Logo


ANOVA Financial Corporation provides FDIC-insured, flexible, innovative solutions tailor-made for the way community banks do business. Whether your bank needs funds to meet current loan demand or has excess liquidity, ANOVA provides a FDIC-insured, high yielding liquid alternative solution.

ANOVAFUNDS® — offers bankers a high yielding alternative Treasury Service and your bank customers with a liquid and entirely FDIC insured way to spread deposits over $250,000 and earn a high interest rate. Accounts are fully FDIC Insured up to $20 million with daily liquidity and no early withdrawal fees.

ANOVACORE® — is a wholesale funding solution for banks that is a liquid alternative that requires no collateral or compensating balance requirements. Funds are offered on a fixed monthly interest rate without broker or other fees of any sort.

Reciprocal Exchange Deposit Program® — banks providing peace of mind to your deposit customers by stretching FDIC Insurance up to $20 million per depositor. ANOVA's REDP® consists of a network of banks to provide your deposit customers a means to move uninsured deposits into fully 100% FDIC insured deposits. In return you receive dollar for dollar basis reciprocal deposits.

ANOVA employs a network of "well capitalized" member banks that allows us to divide deposits into insured amounts that can be monitored by depositors in real time through the www.AnovaFinancial.com web portal. For more information about how ANOVA can help you increase your deposits and the comfort of your customers email , AVP, or call him at 888-266-8293 (1-888-ANOVA-YES).

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Centrant Community Capital

Affordable Housing Lending

Centrant Logo


Centrant Community Capital is a mission-driven lender, leveraging the resources of the banking industry to finance the creation and preservation of quality affordable housing.

Established in 1990, we provide first-lien, permanent financing for apartment communities that are affordable to low- to moderate income households. As a member of Centrant Community Capital, your institution will have the opportunity to participate in low-risk multifamily loans that offer CRA credit and attractive interest yields. This consortium model enables member banks of all sizes to support community reinvestment efforts in the markets they serve in a safe, profitable manner.

With nearly 100 member financial institutions of all sizes, we are one of the largest consortia of our kind in the nation. To date, we've provided over $375 million in loans to support the development of over 20,000 units in nearly 400 communities across the Southeast.
Program Highlights:

  • All loans offered for subscription on a voluntary basis - participation is never mandatory
  • Select loans that meet your investment, portfolio and CRA goals, at a level that is right for you
  • Centrant Community Capital provides on-going support for every loan in our portfolio, including servicing, payment remittance, asset management and annual property inspections
  • Exceptional portfolio performance - our loss history to date is less than 0.3% of total loans

To learn more, email , Executive Vice President or call him at 919-781-7979.

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Computer Services, Inc. (CSI)

Technology Management

CSI Logo

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) simplifies the complexity of financial technology for you. Our cloud-delivered technology performance, compliance and security managed services are built on decades of financial industry experience and continuous investment in innovation. Whether through a fully outsourced or co-managed relationship, CSI's flexible service model maximizes your IT operations and alleviates your technology burdens so that staff can focus on more strategic initiatives.

For more information, email or call him at 270-442-7361 ext. 12580.

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CRA Partners

CRA Partners Powered by the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation

CRA Credit Program

CRA Partners Logo


CRA Partners is a compliance solution you can feel good about. Since our inception in 2000, we have helped banks across the country earn guaranteed CRA credit for ensuring safe senior living environments through our turnkey crime prevention program, Senior Crimestoppers. Funded exclusively by the banking industry and endorsed by the ICBA and bankers associations in 43 states, Senior Crimestoppers protects low- to moderate-income seniors living in senior housing facilities, HUD communities and state veterans homes from theft, abuse and neglect.

Unlike some CRA opportunities, our 225 bank partners see the impact of their funds firsthand. We provide flexible funding options so banks can get involved through a community development loan, community development investment or a grant – it all depends on your bank’s CRA needs.

  • CRA-qualified loan, investment and service test credit
  • 100% turnkey solution, no administrative burden
  • Flexible, low-risk funding options
  • Detailed LMI documentation for CRA exam

For more information email or call him at 901-529-4781, or visit www.SHCPFoundation.org.

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Equias Alliance, an NFP Company

Executive Benefit & BOLI Consulting

Equias Alliance Logo


Equias Alliance, an NFP Company, through its team of 20 consultants and 32 support personnel, including Texas-based Ken Derks and Trey Deupree, has assisted over 800 community banks in the design and implementation of bank-owned life insurance (“BOLI”) as well as nonqualified benefit and compensation plans for selected executives. These plans help institutions increase earnings and shareholder value as well as recruit, retain and reward key officers and directors.

In addition, the company’s in-house service professionals offer practical, hands-on assistance to banks and their professional advisors, auditors and examiners. Equias provides its clients with timely, accurate documentation and regulatory compliance support. The organization’s 52 team members include eight CPAs, two attorneys, nine MBAs, three CLUs, one CFP®, one ChFC®, a former bank regulator, several former bankers and bank directors, and other degrees and licenses. The Equias team includes individuals with significant BOLI and benefits administration experience as well as one of the industry’s most recognized experts on accounting and tax matters. The group has over 800 years of combined BOLI/benefits experience. Equias has successfully completed a SSAE 16 SOC I Type II audit.

If a bank should decide to implement any of these plans, Equias has the experienced and professional staff needed to properly administer and oversee these plans. As evidence of its leadership position in the market, Equias has the exclusive endorsement of the ABA and 9 state banking associations including TBA.

For more information, email or .

Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas

Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas Logo

Community Advance Programs

FHLB Dallas offers three community advance programs that support local investment. These programs provide favorably priced solutions that support the affordable housing and economic development efforts by its member institutions.

  • Community Investment Program (CIP) provides favorably priced advances to assist members in funding affordable housing, qualified economic development projects and community revitalization in targeted communities.
  • Economic Development Program (EDP) provides favorably priced advances to assist members in funding qualified economic development projects and community revitalization in targeted communities.
  • Disaster Relief Advances Program (DRP) Favorably priced advance funding to support recovery efforts in officially declared disaster areas in FHLB Dallas' District.

Mortgage Partnership Finance® Program (MPF®)

Provides FHLB Dallas members with a competitive, alternative to access the secondary mortgage market. FHLB Dallas members that become Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) gain opportunities to sell certain fixed-rate, conforming mortgage loans into the secondary market. PFIs that participate in the MPF program also have an option to retain servicing on their loans, and subsequently maintain control of their customer relationships, or they can sell servicing.

FHLB Dallas offers four products from the MPF Program:

Credit Enhancement (CE) Products:

Non-Credit Enhancement Product:

For more information, email or call him at 214-441-8711.

Harland Clarke — Check Products

Check Printing and Endorsement Stamps

Harland Clarke Logo


Harland Clarke Corp. is a leading provider of integrated payment solutions, marketing services, technology solutions, and best-in-class security services — serving approximately 15,000 financial institutions. For more information on Harland Clarke, and our ability to support your organization in building long-term customer relationships, email or call her at (678) 500-5330.

Harland Clarke — Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Harland Clarke Logo


Harland Clarke Marketing Services is a full service, leading edge provider of marketing services focused on the financial services industry. We take a strategic approach to all projects, performing due diligence to understand our clients\’ strategic goals, marketing objectives and project deliverables.

We are devoted to helping financial service providers create sustainable, measurable growth through the seamless delivery of comprehensive marketing solutions.

With a broad array of capabilities and intense financial services industry focus, we harness multiple channels to deliver innovative and measurable marketing solutions that generate growth, optimize efficiency and build long-term, satisfied relationships with your customers.

For more information, email or call her at (678) 500-5330.

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Business Performance Solutions

Insperity Logo


Insperity helps the banking community unleash its employees’ full potential with an array of human resource and business solutions that improve business performance. For 25 years, Insperity (NYSE\: NSP) has been offering the most comprehensive workforce optimization solution in the marketplace that delivers administrative relief, better benefits, reduced liabilities and a systematic way to improve productivity. The Company operates 58 sales offices in 24 major markets serving more than 100,000 businesses. If you would like to learn more about Insperity, please email or call him at 281-570-3489.

J.B. Lloyd & Associates, LLC

Lender Placed Hazard & Flood and Mortgage Impairment/Errors & Omissions Insurance

JB Lloyd and Associates Logo


J.B. Lloyd & Associates is an insurance agency that has provided lender placed hazard & flood and mortgage impairment and mortgage errors & omissions insurance protection to Texas banks for 24 years. In addition to excellent customer service, Lloyd & Associates\’ web-based reporting capabilities and broad coverage options sets us apart from other insurance providers.

For more information email or call him at 214-265-2445 or visit www.lloyd-ins.com.

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KeyState Captive Management

Bank Captive Program

KeyState Logo


KeyState Captive Management runs the largest bank captive program in the country. The program is designed by national accounting firm Crowe LLP and then administered by KeyState Captive Management.  Banks that fit a certain asset size and earnings criteria can form their own wholly owned captive insurance company to finance risks (that are not commercially insured) in a tax advantaged way.  KeyState’s bank captive program has been endorsed by 28 state banking associations.

For more information email or call 302-397-5201.


Vendor Management

Ncontracts Logo


Ncontracts is the leading provider of vendor and contract management solutions for financial institutions. Our comprehensive and secure online product suite and team of exceptional legal, financial, technology, and client services experts enable banks to successfully manage their third-party vendor relationships and contracts, assess and address compliance risks and audit findings, and replace manual tasks with time-saving and cost-cutting software and guidance.

For more information email or call him at 512-944-0726.


Electronic Board Books

Passageways Logo


Passageways OnBoard is a board meeting solution that securely connects banks, their directors, and committees to meeting agendas, minutes, approvals, calendars, policies and procedures. Board Members instantly receive real-time updates to board books on any device. The intuitive interface offers all the tools you need like search, notes and annotations, and complete meeting history. Built on the world-class security platform of Microsoft Azure with multiple data centers and encryption at every stage on every device.

For more information, email or call him at 765-535-1882.

Pentegra Retirement Services

Retirement Plans for Bank Employees

Pentegra Logo


Pentegra Retirement Services is a leading provider of retirement plan and fiduciary outsourcing solutions to community banks nationwide, Founded by the Federal Home Loan Bank System more than 70 years ago, today Pentegra manages over 4,000 retirement plans and more than $10 billion in assets. Pentegra is focused on delivering value-added retirement programs designed to help community banks improve retirement plan effectiveness, attract and retain quality employees and build a competitive advantage.

Our breadth and depth of services includes support for qualified and non-qualified retirement programs designed exclusively for your industry. With deep knowledge of the complexities that surround bank retirement plans, the quality and experience of our team deliver exceptional value to clients. Pentegra offers the added advantage of more than 70+ years of community-based financial institution retirement plan “best practices” and a user-board of directors comprised of our clients — delivering a level of retirement plan governance and oversight that is unmatched.

With an extensive array of plan design options, services and fiduciary support, our unique retirement plan solutions include qualified and non-qualified plans along with fiduciary outsourcing solutions designed to save time, save money and ease the burdens that come with managing a retirement plan. We’re focused on delivering a client experience that makes offering a retirement program easy, and one that helps your employees achieve greater retirement security.

Help your bank drive more successful retirement outcomes for your employees with Pentegra. For more information on Pentegra's products and services, email , Regional Marketing Manager, or call him at 303-921-3109.
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Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC

CDARS Program

Promontory Network Logo


With Promontory’s Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Services (CDARS), TBA member banks can offer their customers access to $50 million or more in FDIC insurance. With a growing number of customers ranking financial stability as their top priority when choosing a bank, CDARS can provide banks with a marketing advantage. It also can provide member institutions with a way to attract deposits in large chunks. CDARS holdings per customer, which continue to climb, now average $1.2 million and reinvestment rates average over 80 percent. Beyond utilizing the service as a deposit-gathering tool, Promontory Network members can use CDARS to sell excess deposits and generate fee income, or to purchase funds at competitive rates without burdensome collateralization or stock purchase requirements.

For more information email , Regional Director or call him at 866-776-6426 x3432.


Online, Voice and Mobile Banking

Q2 Logo


At Q2, we believe financial power should stay within the communities you serve. To that end, our mission is to enable community-centered financial institutions to compete to win in an always-connected world. Our flexible, single-platform online banking solution offers a secure, intuitive, and consistent user experience across all digital channels from desktop to mobile – for end users ranging from retail consumers to commercial and corporate entities.

Backed by analytical intelligence from over 250 million customer interactions every month, Q2 can help you offer more to your account holders and anticipate their changing needs – while keeping their assets secure and your reputation safe. We merge business-critical technology, an engaging user experience, and a culture of partnership to streamline your day-to-day operations and accelerate your growth and retention strategies.

Only Q2 enables you to stand apart, scale smart, and grow beyond – empowering returns on relationships with your employees, account holders, and community. For more information visit Q2ebanking.com, email or call her at 512-560-3674.

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Fixed Income Capital Markets

Stifel Logo


Founded in 1890, Stifel is a leading wealth management and investment banking firm with approximately 6,400 associates. Our institutional fixed income sales team consists of a seasoned group of nearly 200 sales professionals throughout the U.S. and in Europe. Our experienced traders handle all types of fixed income products, and our strategies group is the foundation on which we have built our client-centric fixed income business, combining the knowledge of our strategists with advanced analytics. We are committed to providing you with all of your trading, research, and investment banking needs, including:

  • Fixed Income Sales and Trading
  • Portfolio Risk Analysis
  • Total Return Analytics
  • Bond Accounting
  • MBS/ARM Trading and Research
  • Asset/Liability Modeling Reports
  • CD Underwriting
  • M&A Strategic Analysis
  • Whole Loan Analysis
For more information, email or call her at 512-813-7204.


Fraud Detection and Anti-Money Laundering collaboration software

Verafin Logo


Verafin’s industry-leading, cross-institutional Fraud Detection and Anti-Money Laundering (FRAMLx) collaboration software is utilized by 1700 financial institutions across North America. With powerful cloud-based technology, FRAMLx facilitates 314(b) information sharing and offers innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to proactively prevent cross-channel fraud, uncover a wide range of suspicious activity, and enhance BSA/AML procedures through end-to-end, risk-based CDD/EDD functionality.

Verafin provides you with the following functionality within a single, consolidated platform:

  • Cross-channel fraud and money laundering (FRAML) alerts
  • Cross-institutional 314(b) information sharing
  • Investigative case management
  • Automated regulatory (CTR and SAR) reporting
  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD) questionnaire
  • Customer risk management and ongoing enhanced due diligence (EDD)
  • OFAC, 314(a), and internal watch list scanning

Innovative and advanced analytics help alert you to a wide range of suspicious customer activity occurring across multiple channels, including:

  • Money Laundering
  • Human Trafficking
  • Terrorist Financing
  • Online Banking Fraud (including suspicious wire/ACH transfers and online account activity)
  • Check Deposit Fraud
  • Federal and State Tax Refund Fraud
  • Debit Card Fraud
  • Loan Fraud

Verafin's innovative crime-fighting solution includes FRAMLxchange, the secure information sharing network available to any 314(b)-registered institution.

Verafin is the exclusive provider for the Texas Bankers Association, Florida Bankers Association, Western Bankers Association, Illinois Bankers Association, Massachusetts Bankers Association, a preferred service provider of the Independent Community Bankers Association, and has industry endorsements in 47 states across the U.S.

For more information, visit www.verafin.com, email or call 709-752-3050.

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Wolters Kluwer

Compliance Forms and Software

Wolters Kluwer Logo


Wolters Kluwer, the leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions and services for banking, brings together some of the industry's most trusted and reliable solutions to help financial organizations address compliance requirements, reduce risk and operate more efficiently. The Texas Bankers Association endorses the following products:

  • ComplianceOne® and ARTA® Lending origination systems
  • TSoftPlus SBA lending
  • Wiz Sentri (AML and Identity Verification Solutions)
  • Paper forms for documenting IRAs, Deposits and consumer lending
  • Wolters Kluwer E-Sign
  • CASH for commercial lenders

The company's software, services and paper forms can help efficiently comply with federal and Texas regulations, while remaining competitive and increasing everyday workflow efficiencies.

For more information email or call her at 888-539-1119, or visit www.WoltersKluwerFS.com/BANKING.

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Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card & Merchant Services

Worldpay Logo

www.worldpay.com Worldpay Ad

Worldpay is a leading provider of payment processing services for businesses and financial institutions in Texas and across the nation. For over 40 years we have been working hand in hand with banks and businesses to provide full service payment processing services and turnkey solutions. We can help you attract new sources of revenue and retain clients. We provide state-of-the-art merchant and card processing solutions for TBA members including:

Merchant Services
Credit and Debit Card Processing - Gift Card Programs – Check Services – Secure Processing Technology – Online Back Office Management

Card Processing Solutions
Credit and Debit Card Processing – Advisory Services – ATM Driving – Fraud Mitigation – Prepaid Solutions

For more information on how Worldpay can help you build a profitable program, email or call him at 512-538-4962.


Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosks, Tablets, Overhead Music and On-Hold Phone Messaging

Zero-In Media Logo


Zero-In is a full-service digital signage network and audio messaging and music operator that installs and manages web interfaced digital screens, touch screen and self-service kiosks, on-hold messaging and in-branch music and messaging. Zero-In customers have the ability to update messaging on their digital screens, kiosks, and audio messaging systems in real-time using Zero-In's web-based content management system. From small community banks to larger institutions with numerous branches, Zero-In implements a user-friendly web based digital signage and audio messaging and music system. Zero-In works with bank management and marketing teams to develop visually appealing customized content that matches other branding initiatives. Banks place Zero-In digital signs and kiosks in their lobbies, drive-thru's, branches and outdoors. Using these signs and audio messaging services, banks can promote daily rates, advertise products and services, announce community events, run ads for business customers, introduce bank staff, provide teller station queuing, promote non-profit groups and charity events, post bank holidays, provide real-time news, market info, sports scores, local weather and much more.

For more information email or call him at 888-260-7291 x125.