TBA DepartmentFull NameTitleEmail
ExecutiveMr. Christopher J. FurlowPresident & CEO[email protected]
 Mr. John R. BriganceChief Operating Officer[email protected]
ExecutiveMs. Sarah MaldonadoVice President of Human Resources[email protected]
ExecutiveMr. Rich PerezVice President of Bank Innovation[email protected]
 Mr. Alvin MillsVice President of Information Technology & Security[email protected]
 Mr. Danny GarciaIT Director[email protected]
 Ms. Ashlee A. BennettDirector of Executive Operations[email protected]
AdministrationMs. Heather Ruschitzko, CPAChief Financial Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Charlotte A. FluedingerAccounts Payable/Accounts Receivable[email protected]
 Mrs. Adriana McCaslinAccountant[email protected]
 Ms. Courtney SidwaDatabase Administrator[email protected]
 Ms. Glenda PrinceAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
LegalMs. Celeste M. EmbreyGeneral Counsel[email protected]
 Ms. Ollie BarkerAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
Marketing & CommunicationsMr. Carlos EspinosaVice President, Marketing & Communications[email protected]
 Ms. Katherine KolstedtSenior Art Director[email protected]
 Ms. Jocelyn CarbyDirector, TBA Foundation[email protected]
 Ms. Heather MaldonadoEmail Marketing Manager[email protected]
 Ms. Hannah HolderMarketing Associate[email protected]
Professional DevelopmentMs. Brandy GarnerVice President[email protected]
 Ms. Jessica HoustonEvents & Education Coordinator[email protected]
 Ms. Jess BrewerAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
Wealth Management & TrustMs. Chelsea BrownExecutive Director, Wealth Management & Trust and SWABC/VP Strategic Initiatives[email protected]
TBA Services Company, Inc.Mr. Ben BuehlerPresident[email protected]
 Ms. Kathleen LoydPartner Relations Specialist[email protected]
 Ms. Annica JohnsonAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
Bankers AllianceMr. Scott DaughertyPresident/General Counsel[email protected]
 Mr. Stevie BlackDirector of Marketing[email protected]
 Ms. Brittney StaceyDirector of Customer Success[email protected]
 Mr. Chris LingafelterNational Sales Manager[email protected]
 Mr. Royce PriceProducer[email protected]
 Mr. Thomas CalvilloBusiness Development Representative[email protected]
 Ms. Alycia HinojosAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
 Ms. Marianna ModestoAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
Compliance AllianceMs. Darlia FogartyPresident[email protected]
 Ms. Elizabeth K. MadlemVice President/Deputy General Counsel[email protected]
 Ms. Victoria Stephen, CRCMSenior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel[email protected]
 Ms. Julia A. GutierrezVice President of Education[email protected]
 Ms. Erin BusseAssociate General Counsel[email protected]
 Mr. Theodore Kelly, JD, MBA, CCEPVice President, Associate General Counsel[email protected]
 Ms. Carol Ann WarrenAssociate General Counsel[email protected]
 Mr. Roger Morris, CIPPAssociate General Counsel[email protected]
 Ms. Josmyne FrancoisAssociate General Counsel[email protected]
 Ms. Jessica LamoreuxAssociate General Counsel[email protected]
 Ms. Megan McGovernAssociate General Counsel[email protected]
 Mr. Daniel BakerAssociate VCO General Counsel[email protected]
 Mr. Steven RossCompliance Officer[email protected]
Review AllianceMr. Chance Williams, CRCMPresident[email protected]
 Ms. Kandi Potter, CCBCO, CCBIACertified Bank Auditor[email protected]
 Ms. Amanda MattsonEVP[email protected]
 Ms. Jori YoungSenior Certified Bank Auditor[email protected]
 Ms. Amy LeptienCertified Bank Auditor[email protected]
 Ms. Brittany FesslerCertified Bank Auditor[email protected]
 Ms. Jennifer Kirby, CRCMVice President, Virtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Wendy SullivanVice President, Virtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Jillian NewellSVP, Virtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Mr. Tim JohnsonVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Jennifer WyattVice President, Virtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Merideth Rowland, CRCMVice President, Virtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Tara-Kay BoothVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Kelly OwsleyVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Laurie RoweVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Ashton WoodlingVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Amy KingVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Denise WieseVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Linsey HugueleyVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Taylor YarbroughVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Bonnie MunceyVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Renea RushVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Julie DamitzVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Mr. Jeff SwilleyVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
 Ms. Kimberly AshleyVirtual Compliance Officer[email protected]
Bankers Insurance AgencyMr. Brien G. O'ConnorPresident[email protected]
 Ms. Latresa M. Powell, CIC, CRMVice President[email protected]
 Ms. Judy HannaVice President, Oklahoma[email protected]
 Ms. Yolanda Y. Conant, CISR,ACSRCommercial Lines Underwriter[email protected]
 Ms. Becky AnguianoUnderwriter Assistant[email protected]
 Ms. Kaysie WhitmireAccount Executive[email protected]
 Ms. Jodi BrownAccount Executive[email protected]
Member RelationsMs. Michele CarfelloVice President of Member Relations[email protected]
Member RelationsMs. Mary E. Lange, CAEVice President of Member Relations[email protected]
Member RelationsMr. Brent W. CoxVice President of Member Relations[email protected]
 Ms. Libby S. ClarkVice President, Member Relations[email protected]