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Texas Bankers Foundation

Established in 1991, the Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of the Texas Bankers Association. Our mission is to empower and champion Texas banks, their employees, and communities by implementing programs that celebrate and magnify their positive impact. Our initiatives educate, reward, and inspire present and future bankers, fostering greater community support.

Empowering Texas Bankers & Communities

The Texas Bankers Foundation connects with our community by offering disaster relief, financial education support, and through awards, grants, and scholarships to existing or bankers in training. Explore what we do and see how you can be a part of our mission.

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Scholarships and Grants

The Texas Bankers Foundation collaborates with leading graduate banking schools in the U.S. to award scholarships to deserving Texas bankers, fostering excellence in banking and finance. Eligibility extends to employees of TBA-member banking institutions meeting the schools’ admissions criteria.

The Foundation also offers the 4-H and Future Farmers of America Financial Literacy Grant, offering banks the opportunity to donate $250 to a local 4-H or FFA chapter. This initiative aims to support agricultural communities while enhancing financial literacy among participating students.

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Financial Literacy

The Bankers Foundation is dedicated to advancing financial literacy and fostering consumer education throughout Texas. Given bankers’ expertise in money management, their involvement in consumer education programs is a seamless fit aimed at enriching the lives of community members. These programs encompass a range of initiatives, including educating children on the importance of saving, guiding teenagers in responsible credit usage, assisting young adults with budgeting and financing their initial home purchases, offering services for the unbanked, and safeguarding the elderly against fraud.

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Support Our Cause

Make a difference today! Your donation to the Texas Bankers Foundation supports financial education, disaster relief, scholarships, and community initiatives. Join us in building a stronger Texas.

Giving Back

One of the core missions of the Texas Bankers Foundation is to serve and uplift Texas banks, their employees, and communities. The Foundation initiates and manages disaster relief funds to collect and allocate donations to designated organizations or individuals within the Texas banking community. Every contribution received during these specialized efforts is exclusively dedicated to assisting those in need. The listed funds serve as a few examples of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts over time.

Uvalde Community Response Fund

Following the tragic events at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on May 24, 2022, TBA and IBAT collaborated to establish the Uvalde Community Response Fund through the Texas Bankers Foundation. Over 200 donors, including community banks, individual bankers, banking groups, and organizations nationwide, contributed a total of $360,000 to the fund. Working alongside the First State Bank of Uvalde and other local community banks, the funds were donated to the National Compassion Fund’s Uvalde Together We Rise Fund on October 7, 2022, with the aim of providing direct assistance to the victims and survivors of the tragedy.


The TBA CARES (Crisis Assistance, Response, and Emergency Support) program aims to aid communities affected by localized disasters. Collaborating closely with TBA-member community banks in affected regions, the program facilitates donations to local organizations statewide.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, bankers across the state and nation sought to provide aid. The Texas Bankers Association (TBA) established a special relief fund, which received $1.6 million in donations. Over $1.5 million was distributed to 732 bankers who had suffered losses such as homes, cars, and personal belongings. Additionally, $32,000 was allocated to four Gulf Coast area 501(c)(3) organizations.

West Fertilizer Plant Explosion

In the aftermath of the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, in April 2013, the Texas banking community rallied together. They raised over $163,000 for the Victims of the West Explosion Fund, which provided crucial support for the unmet needs of the victims.

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Financial Literacy Summit

Financial Literacy Summit