TBA’s Community Bank Innovation Magnet empowers Texas community banks with world-class resources, data, and collaboration to thrive in a technology-driven era.

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As technology shapes banking, community banks face competition from fintechs and global investors. TBA’s Community Bank Innovation Magnet unites Texas banks, leveraging their strength in a $1.8 trillion market. Connect to cutting-edge tech, market intelligence, and collaborative solutions for cost-effective innovation.

How it Works


Enhance decision-making with vital data:

  • Gain insights into available technologies.
  • Illuminate trends and innovation best-practices.
  • Spotlight key fintech companies and investors.

Discover and obtain existing streamlined solutions efficiently:

  • Search for software and services.
  • Find trusted, reliable solutions.
  • Purchase the right products/services.

Access resources to create tailored solutions:

  • Tap unique talent for development.
  • Leverage project management expertise.
  • Gain market intelligence for precision.

Facilitate collaboration for cost-effective solutions:

  • Attract banks and tech/service providers.
  • Share development costs.
  • Access dedicated Magnet staff for support.


The Community Banking Innovation Magnet stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of Texas community banks. Its roots trace back to the formation of the Texas Bankers Association’s Future of Banking Task Force, established to empower community banks not merely to survive, but to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

This collaboration was charged with identifying common challenges and devising innovative solutions. Their research was captured in these two publications, the Summary of Initial Findings and Recommendations – May 2019 and in the Community Bank Strategic Roadmap – Toolkit, which has helped community bankers to find their own path in the new era of banking change.

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