Texas Bankers Foundation

Strong Banks. Stronger Communities

When the Texas Bankers Foundation began in 1991, its first focus was to promote and manage the Robbery Reward Program and the 50-Year Bankers Awards. But with each year, the mission has grown and today the Foundation's commitment is to serve and support Texas banks, their employees and communities through several programs that reflect the deep care and concern Texas banks show in their communities each day.

Foundation initiatives and programs:

Giving Back 

Giving back

The Foundation supports communities through TBA CARES, Texas Banks 4 Food Banks and Texas Unity Grant initiatives.

Foundation Scholarships 


The Foundation provides graduate and undergraduate scholarships to promote excellence in banking and finance..

Heart of Communities

Heart of the Community

In a series of videos, Texas community bankers tell their stories: how they contribute to their communities and how they fuel the state's economic growth.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

TBF is committed to improving financial literacy and promoting consumer education across Texas through grants, training and resources.

Educating Future Leaders 

Higher Education

TBF is committed to building the next generation of Texas bank leaders by supporting our university partners.

Why I Love My Bank

Why I Love My Bank

In a series of videos, small business owners discuss why they love their banks and how Paycheck Protection Program loans helped them stay afloat.



The 50-Year Banker, Cornerstone, Leaders in Financial Education and Emerging Leader Awards recognize banks and bankers for their contributions.

Robbery Rewards Program 

Robbery Rewards

TBF's Robbery Rewards program aims to prevent and discourage robberies and other crimes against Texas banks and their employees.



TBF depends on contributions from banks and bankers to support its mainstay programs and develop additional initiatives to support banks, bankers and their communities.