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Bankers Insurance Agency (BIA) provides tailored insurance solutions for financial institutions. Our comprehensive offerings cover a wide range of risks, such as Financial Institution Bonds, Directors and Officer Liability, Cyber Liability as well as coverage for a bank’s buildings, autos, and workers compensation. Additionally, BIA offers specialized insurance products like lender-placed insurance, mortgage errors and omissions coverage, and coverage for debit and credit card fraud. Our goal is to help financial institutions mitigate risks, protect assets, and ensure peace of mind in an ever-evolving landscape of challenges.

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Message from the President

I am proud to lead a team that has been serving the needs of financial institutions for over 35 years. Our commitment to excellence has been the cornerstone of our success.

Brien O’Connor President, Bankers Insurance Agency
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Our Products Include:

Financial Institution Bond

Not all insurance policies are created equal. While some may offer lower premiums, they often come with inferior coverage. At TBA, we understand the importance of quality protection for your financial institution.

Commercial Property, Liability, Auto, and Umbrella Insurance

Could you rebuild your bank after a catastrophic event? Are your buildings insured to their proper value? Do you have unique exposures that may not have been addressed in the past?  Would you have the resources to resume business operations within five days of such a loss? If you’re unsure or unable to answer these questions confidently, it’s time to reconsider your insurance coverage.

Cyber Coverage

In today’s digital age, cyber threats are more prevalent than ever. Is your bank prepared to withstand potential cyberattacks and data breaches? What has your team decided to do in the event of a Ransomware Attack? Our Cyber Coverage ensures comprehensive protection for your organization’s digital assets and sensitive information.  Our policies cover the bank’s liability, breach response, cyber extortion, data restoration, bricking, as well as loss of business income.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Originally crafted to shield the personal assets of individual officers and directors within financial institutions, our Directors & Officers Liability policy has grown and adapted over time. Today, it not only safeguards the bank entity but also encompasses additional specialized coverage such as Lender Liability and Employment Practices Liability.  No two D&O policies are alike.  Be sure your bank has the broadest coverage available.

Lender Placed Insurance

Protect your bank’s lending portfolio. In times of economic downturn, your bank may find itself facing the need to repossess properties or enforce coverage on existing loans. How do you navigate these insurance exposures effectively? Introducing our Forced Place/Repossessed Property and Flood Program. Designed to provide cost-effective solutions, our program is essential for safeguarding your bank’s overall lending portfolio.

Debit and Credit Card Fraud

Did you know that debit and credit card fraud ranks as the leading form of identity theft? With card fraud projected to cost banks and merchants over $300 billion this year alone, ensuring adequate insurance coverage for such losses is paramount. We offer comprehensive coverage against debit and credit card fraud. Our policy is among the most extensive available in the market and is priced affordably, with most premiums below $2500.

Mortgage Errors & Omissions

Mortgage errors & omissions liability coverage plays a crucial role in protecting your bank’s interests. This coverage ensures that in the event of a loss to mortgaged property due to your failure to require, purchase, or maintain insurance on real property collateral, your bank is financially protected. For banks involved in mortgage lending and servicing, this insurance coverage is essential.