April 10, 2024 · Virtual · Webinars

It’s Breach O’Clock! Do You Know What Your MSSP is Doing?

Let’s paint a picture together:
You just had a pen test/red team. The contractor now wants to know what activity you caught because, like any good testing group, they want to give you credit for everything they can. You politely ask your huge MSSP, who you pay a stupid amount of money to, for their data. And then … nothing — or close to nothing. But why, you ask?! We sent them money two years ago for a thing, why don’t we have the thing? Well, there could be a million reasons, and we’re going to get into all of it!

Here’s a teaser: it isn’t necessarily their fault.

Come join me as we talk about why this happens so often (trust me, it happens oh so often) and what you can do about it.

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Joe Sarkisian, OSCP, CRTO, GCPN, GWAPT

Manager & Lead Penetration Tester Wolf & Company, P.C.

Joe serves as a Manager on Wolf & Company’s Information Technology (IT) Assurance Team. Joe is responsible for coordinating and conducting penetration testing services for clients in a variety of industries including financial, healthcare, and software. His expertise consists of internal and external network penetration testing, social engineering, vulnerability assessments, Microsoft Windows security and management audits, and general information security and controls. Joe has extensive experience conducting penetration testing audits and is pursuing ethical hacking certifications from industry-recognized organizations like the SANS Institute and Offensive Security.

Learning Objectives:

How to better monitor what your providers are doing

How to get the most out of the relationship

The basics of what every MSSP should be doing

The basics of what YOU should be providing your MSSP

How to spot a sketchy vendor

When it’s time to say goodbye to your current vendor

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