August 12, 2024 · El Paso, Texas · Peer Group Meetings

Texas Tour

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El Paso, Texas

Join us for the 2024 Texas Tour as we traverse the Lone Star State alongside TBA’s newly elected Chairman, Jan Mills, TBA CEO Chris Furlow, and General Counsel Celeste Embrey. Together, we’ll bring you updates on the latest legal, policy, and regulatory news affecting every bank, banker, and community. With 18 cities on our itinerary, this tour offers a prime opportunity to engage directly with our industry’s grassroots and stay informed about current challenges and opportunities. Don’t miss out—join us on the road!

Speakers include:

Headshot of Jan Mills, First National Bank of Winnsboro, Winnsboro, TX

Jan Mills

Chairman Texas Bankers Association
Headshot of Chris Furlow, TBA CEO & President

Chris Furlow

President and CEO Texas Bankers Association
Headshot of Celeste Embrey, General Counsel

Celeste Embrey

General Counsel Texas Bankers Association