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Moody’s: Johnson-Crapo Would Boost Private RMBS

The housing finance overhaul bill introduced by Tim Johnson and Ranking Member Mike Crapo would increase the market share of private label residential mortgage-backed securities, according to a report yesterday from Moody’s.

OCC’s Curry: ‘Heightened Expectations’ Not for Small Banks

Curry said the guidelines, which set minimum standards for a bank’s risk governance framework and for oversight of that framework by the board of directors, do not apply to banks under $50 billion.

More Than 10,700 Bankers to ‘Teach Children to Save’

The bankers' presentations, which include games and activities about how interest makes money grow, how to create a budget and differentiating between needs and wants, are aimed at helping young Americans become financially confident and capable.

FFIEC Urges Quick Mitigation of Heartbleed Risk

The FFIEC yesterday issued an alert urging financial institutions to incorporate patches on systems and applications that use OpenSSL.

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