Texas Bankers Foundation

Annual Awards

The Texas Bankers Foundation’s Awards Programs recognize banks and bankers for their contributions to the industry and their community.

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50 Year Banker

The 50-Year Banker Awards pay tribute to bankers who have dedicated their lives to the banking industry. This prestigious accolade celebrates their enduring commitment and significant contributions to the field. Through their steadfast dedication, sacrifice, and perseverance over many years, these honorees have profoundly impacted the lives of their peers, colleagues, and, most importantly, the families, customers, and communities they have served.


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The Cornerstone Award honors member institutions that epitomize the remarkable efforts undertaken by all Texas banks daily, for the betterment of the cities, towns, and counties within their reach. They are indeed the bedrock of their communities, and their unwavering dedication to others sets a radiant standard for Texas community banking.

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Bank Award

The Leaders in Financial Education (LiFE) Awards celebrate and commend member banks for their steadfast dedication, unwavering commitment, and innovative approaches in advancing financial literacy within their communities. These banks are at the forefront of initiatives to enhance access to credit and capital, empowering youth, families, and entrepreneurs to attain the financial acumen necessary to realize their aspirations.

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Individual Recognition Award

In addition to acknowledging banks for their endeavors in financial education, the Texas Bankers Foundation extends recognition to exceptional individuals within the banking community who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and leadership in promoting financial literacy. These individuals have gone above and beyond, dedicating their time and efforts to inspire others within their banks to contribute to financial education initiatives within their communities. Full-time employees of TBA-member banking institutions in Texas are eligible for the LiFE Individual Recognition Award.

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Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leader Award acknowledges bankers who exemplify the exceptional qualities of up-and-coming industry leaders within Texas. They embody our optimism for the future of community banking and inspire confidence in those poised to lead the industry in the years ahead. These individuals, identified as high achievers by their senior management, have demonstrated exemplary performance within their banks while actively engaging in community initiatives.

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